This year, love matters more than ever. Create beautiful handmade Valentines in this 90 minute lesson. Your kit includes all supplies to make 4 bespoke Valentines: cards, envelopes, felts, rhinestone, glitter thread, black + glitter pens, and both felting + stitching needles.


Erika Allen and Robin Gilbert will talk you through needle felting + stitching fronts as well as lettering the interiors. Everwell Co-Founder + Programming Director Lindsay Hurty leads a discussion on the magic of written correspondence. 


Thursday 2/4 7:30-9:00pm

To register for the Everwell virtual zoom event : Click Here!


If you live locally, you can pick up your craft materials at Make-Modern (1985 Post Rd. Darien, CT) between 2/2-2/4. If you would like your materials shipped, order by 1/27 and we will send them your way!

Everwell Create + Connect Event : Felting Love Project