Two Sessions Are Available For Registration:
Fall I: 9/12-10/24
Fall II: 11/1-12/16
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Students will learn to use the sewing machine independently, thread the machine, stitch straight, and maintain an even seam allowance. Kids will sew with high-quality cotton prints and canvases - with a few other surprise fabrics mixed in - to create the most beautiful projects! If your child is curious about sewing and design, this class is for them.

Bobbins $360

Grades 2-5

Tuesday 3:30-5pm

Wednesday 3:30-5pm


Once kids feel confident with the sewing machine basics, they can move on to the next level. In this class, students will refresh and add to their skill set by setting in zippers, sewing curves, and following more detailed multi-step instructions. We introduce different fabrics, trims, and findings to enhance their unique creations!

Topstitchers $360

Grades 3-7th

Tuesday 5:30-7pm

Wednesday 5:30-7pm


Has your teen always wanted to learn how to sew but didn't know where to start? Then, you've come to the right place. This class is a semi-accelerated hybrid of Bobbins and Topstitchers, allowing our teens to begin from any experience level. Teens will learn the basics of machine operation, stitching, and seam allowance and then move on to more advanced multi-step projects - sewing curves, zippers, and linings!

Teen Sewing $360

Ages 13-17 yrs.

Wednesday 7:15-8:30pm


This is our most popular class for a reason: each week, your child will learn a new creative technique. Hand stitching, machine sewing, knitting, felting, weaving, resin, polymer, and decoupage mean that your child will have a whole new world of skills they love to balance screen time. We design weekly projects to inspire pride in each maker. Wait until you see what they can create!

Crafters $295

Grades K-2

Monday 3:30-5pm

Thursday 3:30-5pm

Friday 4-5:30pm


 We love crafting with our tweens + teens! The projects we develop take advantage of the ability and design-eye that comes with being a little older. They will hand stitch, machine sew, knit, felt, weave, resin, polymer, and decoupage pieces they're proud to display. This class includes equal parts laughing and creating. There's something to be said about the joy of sitting around a craft table and learning new skills with friends. 

Maker Lab $295

Grades 3-7

Monday 5:30-7pm

Thursday 5:30-7pm