Kids’ parties are $500 for up to 10 guests. We can accommodate up to 24 children, and each additional child is $35.

Instruction & all craft materials

Gorgeous themed tableware by MeriMeri

Custom playlist

Wrapped goodies for each guest

Personal gift for the guest-of-honor

Custom-lettered sign by our amazing brush teacher

We can even arrange a visit from a little pig or a singing princess!

You can request daytime parties Saturday and Sunday at 11, 1:30 or 4 pm. Evening parties begin at 7pm.


We are all ready for your kids’ favorite themes: rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, princesses, butterflies, flowers, fairies, piggies and dinosaurs. We’re also super-excited for your child to bring her – or HIS -- very own theme! We partner with Meri Meri whenever possible to create the most beautiful party tables. And don’t worry; your child can choose any of the projects below to match with her/his theme.

You also get to pick your favorite color or two. These colors will guide your bunting, table wear + hats, as well as your very own personalized, handmade-by-own-artist-in-residence-brush-lettered Happy Birthday or Bar Mitzvah or Go Team sign!


FRAMED ART PARTY (all ages) Your child and guests each collage or stitch an under-glass-framed piece worthy of The Formal Dining Room. (Seriously, we’ve spied them in The Formal Dining Room on many an occasion). We offer beautiful abstract pieces in designer textiles of your choice as well as all kinds of animals, fantasy and wonderment!

TOTE/DRAWSTRING/ZIPPY BAGS (1st grade+) Your child and guests each stitch something wonderful to be applied to a tote, drawstring or zippy pouch in your choice of colors. Older hosts might choose to incorporate a pom-pom; younger hosts should choose stitching alone.

STUFFY PARTY(1st grade+) We can make anything into the stuffy of your child’s fantasy! Depending on your child’s age and experience, we’ll prep stuffies so that your child and guests can finish them well – and with personalized flourish – during the parry! (Please allow up to additional $10/child for some stuffy projects as preparation can be extensive)

NEEDLE-FELTED ANIMALS (3rd grade+) Your child and guests use special needles to “stab” wool into the animal of your choice. Depending on the species you choose, your felted animal can become a necklace, a backpack tag or a free-standing creature.

EMBROIDERY HOOP ART (2nd grade+) Some of our favorite projects stay on the embroidery hoop to be hung as cheerful art in your child’s room or somewhere else great. Items that require a lot of stitching work best this way, such as our iconic rainbow!

WOVEN NOTEBOOKS (4th – teen) This is a great project by Kid Made Modern. Your child and guests weave their choice of color strips – metallic and otherwise – into a Kraft-covered notebook complete with rainbow-striped pages. An especially good teen project.


We always start with a simple project that guests can undertake while everyone arrives. These “welcome projects” may require less direction, but they are no less beautiful!

WOODEN BEADS. We’ll have bracelet or necklace strings ready for your guests to bead from our wonderous bead tub. Always all-wooden beads in the most beautiful shapes and colors.

WASHI TAPE BONANZA. We’ll have a little journal ready for each guest to cover in custom stripes from our expansive washi tape collection. A great project for teens.

POLKA-DOT STICKERS. Younger crafters can decorate journals with every imaginable size and color of polka-dot sticker.



MR. SQUIGGLES AS YOUR VIP GUEST. Our little studio pig is always up for a party! He can join yours at your no additional charge. Yep, your guests can even feed him Cheerios.

COSTUMED PHOTO BOOTH. We’ll provide some super-cute costumes for your guests to take photos against a custom backdrop. Yep, we’ll even use our iPhones to take them for you. And, yep, you can also take more of your own. (Additional $75)

SINGING PRINCESSES. We have a highly-select team of the most talented teen performers who would just love to attend your party and sing the songs that make them famous! Yes, their costumes are as gorgeous as their voices. (Additional $75 per performer)