Weekly Classes

Fall 1 Session: 9/8-10/19 (six weeks)
Fall 2 Session: 11/1-12/17 (six weeks)

Registration dates for our Fall 2 session:
​9/27   Priority registration for current students
10/1   Open registration

What would you like to learn? Click one of the buttons below for more information about the classes we offer for adults + kids.

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Our curriculum is developed according to experience.  We have something for everyone.  Students will each work on their own sewing machine, no need to bring anything to class!


Learn and practice machine sewing basics by completing daily projects using amazing prints and canvas fabrics. Our Monday class includes learn-to-sew projects that focus on fashion. Our Tuesday and Wednesday classes complete projects for the room, school as well as fashion. Students typically enroll in our bobbin level multiple sessions to master these foundational skills.

Fashion Foundations: $360

Monday 5:30-7pm 

Bobbins Machine: $360

Tuesday 3:30-5pm

Wednesday 3:30-5pm 


Once kids are consistent with machine basics, they take it to the next level! Install a zipper, stitch curves and complete more complicated, multi-step daily projects using fabrics and materials from the USA, India, Japan and England.

Topstitchers Machine: $360

Tuesday 5:30-7pm

Wednesday 5:30-7pm 


Learn the basics of garment construction. Students will make decisions regarding style, fabric and design details. Prior sewing experience is required, and students should be able to maintain a steady seam-allowance, stitch a curve and be familiar with threading the machine and bobbin.

Design Studio: $385

Saturday 4:30-6pm

This is a great class if you're new to machine sewing or want a solid refresher. Learn basic machine skills, fabric cutting, pattern layout, sewing construction, and finishing techniques. Complete a project each week for your home or to wear.


Adult Machine: $360

Tuesday 10-11:30am

Friday 10-11:30am

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Our littlest crafters will work on a new project each week. Using felt, paper & textiles, they will learn about color + patterns while they develop fine motor skills and most importantly – have fun!

Littles Crafting: $240

Tuesday 2-3pm

Friday 2-3pm


Students will stitch, felt, machine sew, bead, weave, knit, resin and more! Projects are designed to introduce the techniques and vocabulary that children will need as they grow creatively. 

Crafters: $270

Monday 3:30-5pm

Thursday 3:30-5pm

Crafting + Resin: $250

Friday 3:30-4:30pm


Our older students create cool things to wear and design fantastic things for their room. This class  incorporates all the craft techniques: stitching, felting, machine sewing, weaving, knitting, resin + more.  The Friday class will add a few unique resin projects.

Makers Lab: $270

Thursday 5:30-7pm

Makers Lab + Resin: $250

Friday 5-6pm

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Learn a new craft or get better at one you all ready love! Every week we will be learning new stitches while working on a project in class. This session will include a demonstration on painting canvases. We will also cover the different ways your needlework can be transformed into gifts, wearables and decor.



In this class students will learn the basics of knitting through creating home décor. Students will learn how to cast on, knit basic stitches and cast off. After this class students should feel comfortable knitting on their own and starting to read patterns.

Needlepoint: $300

Monday 10-11:30am

Knitting: $300

Tuesday 7:30-9pm (Adult + Teen)

Wednesday 10-11:30am


We will be crocheting the cutest clutch as our main project in this class! Learn the basics of crochet by learning how to create a chain stitch, to single crochet and to shape your rows. Knowledge of crochet is not required to participate!

Crochet a Clutch: $300

Thursday 10-11:30am

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