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Each week we offer a new theme that inspires creativity + fun.  The afternoon

projects are more advanced for our older students. Summer days in the studio are

filled with new friends and art your children will be proud of.  

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WEEK 1: HELLO SUMMER (6.19 - 6.23)
This week is all things sunshine and free time. We'll start by designing the perfect summer accessories and move on to handcrafted games and colorful friendship bracelets! Kids will learn techniques that will have them happily crafting their days away -- and off their screens! -- all summer.

WEEK 2: BEACH CHIC (6.26 - 6.30)
Campers will make everything they need for a fantabulous -- and very stylish -- summer by the shore! Machine-sew cozy towel shorts, resin gorgeous local shells, and admire the magic of sea glass! Using the highest quality materials, the project designs this week are seaside-sensational.

WEEK 3: AROUND THE WORLD (7.10 - 7.14)
We'll travel the world through handcrafts.  Sashiko stitching in the Japanese tradition, weaving fibers from Peru, and machine-sewing with England's iconic Liberty prints are a few stops on our itinerary. Campers will learn about the geography and cultures of each destination we visit on our trip around the globe.

WEEK 4: S. T. E. A. M. (7.17-7.21)
This is the week where we get to try it all! Crazy materials, wild experiments, beautiful art. Each day we will ask the question "why" and discover how. We're going to build, mix, glue, pour, sew, cut, measure, and tape our way through memorable projects this week.

All projects are inspired by the "city of lights." Campers will be creating clothes + accessories perfect to wear on a stroll through Paris. We will machine sew, hand sew, and craft unique pieces individual to each young designer. This is an excellent week for a mini-fashionista.

In this session, we introduce campers to various works from the masters to modern artists. Each day we will begin by looking at an artist's pieces and learn a bit about their life. We're going to have fun exploring mixed media though the contemporary work of Nick Cave. Are we crafting giant self-portraits a la Alex Katz? Yes, we are!

WEEK 7: REBEL GIRLS (8.7- 8.11) 
Based on the "Rebel Girl" book series, this camp will feature an outstanding female -- or two -- every day. Projects and crafts are

designed to celebrate the work of women who "dream big." Artists, scientists, musicians, naturalists, and authors are just the beginning. Campers will hand sew, craft, and machine sew while learning their inspiring stories.


WEEK 8: PJ PARTY (8.14 - 8.18)
What's more fun than a sleepover with your besties? Campers will make everything they need: a cozy PJ set, sleepover tote, pillow, and of course, a sweet stuffy! We will machine sew, hand sew, iron, and glue the ultimate weekend essentials. 

Does your child love to rearrange their room? This week is perfect for a budding designer! We'll be making snuggly textiles for the bed, organizing their desk to beautiful perfection, and covering bedroom walls with some pretty special pieces. Campers will choose the exact colors to match their palette -- and express who they are!

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We understand plans change : 50% refund for cancellations 30 days before the start of camp.

If we can fill your spot from our waitlist, we are able to refund 100%.

Join our waitlist if the session you're looking for is filled. Send us an email with the week and session (am or pm) you would like to

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